014 | Financial and Emotional Freedom Through Values-Based Life Planning with Mayur Dalal

Mayur Dalal has been providing financial advisory products and services for more than 27 years. The CEO of Dalal Capital Advisors, Mayur and his team provide top-quality wealth management, insurance, and tax-advantaged strategies that are designed to help clients realize their financial goals.

LL014-Mayur_DalalMayur is also CEO of The Oxford Group of Lake Success – an intellectual capital company focusing on developing customized solutions for professionals and closely held family businesses. Their services include family wealth coaching, family governance, and business succession planning for high net worth families.

Mayur is an expert in values-based life planning, and his goal is to empower, educate and enlighten his clients, by integrating emotional freedom with financial freedom.

Mayur grew up in a large family with an abundance of love but a scarcity of facilities and resources. These humble beginnings gave him a phenomenal insight into how to coexist with limited resources and make the most of it. Mayur was a fast learner and his father constantly challenged him to break barriers, including skipping grades in school. By the young age of 28, Mayur became the head of Best Foods in India.

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Mayur T. Dalal – CEO

Sagar M. Dalal – President

  • Email: sagar[at]dalalcapital.com
  • Mobile: (516) 369-2127

Dalal Capital Advisors LLC

The Oxford Group of Lake Success


Mayur is big on mentoring, and he credits his grandfather (his first mentor) for instilling core values in him at a young age, including his grandfather’s mantra – “Unless and until you do a gentle act of kindness every day, you do not deserve to sleep.”

Mayur believes the way in which you lead your life, the way in which you make an impact, and the way in which you coexist with colleagues, peers, friends and community, is something that you have to learn it when you’re young. You can’t learn it when you’re too old because it becomes too difficult for someone to make a mindset change.

In 1988, Mayur made the tough decision to leave the successful career he had achieved in India and moved to the United States in hopes of even greater opportunities. He found a company, Equitable, that was willing to sponsor his H1-B Visa, so he committed to going “all in” for 90 days to see if he could be successful in this new career venture. Through family connections, he coordinated and conducted a focus group with 22 medical professionals and learned that they were over prospected and least served. Mayur made 35 cold calls, secured 15 appointments, and the rest is history.

Today, Mayur has 75 clients with an average net worth of $25 Million; his highest net worth client is a billionaire.


I have had 16 mentors in the last 27 years and I am eternally grateful to every one of them for making me who I have become. Every one of them have added fantastic value – making me emotionally free, spiritually free, and financially free. I enjoy my life every single moment, 24/7.

Emotional Freedom through Empowerment

Emotional freedom is a choice and emotional freedom is a wonderful gift that not only you can benefit from but you can share with others. Mayur teaches his clients to empower their family to stay together, empower their family to work to together, and empower their family to contribute together for the well being of the family, not the well being just for themselves.

Advice for hoteliers

Do a financial stress test.  If you’re not clear about the impact that illiquidity can create in your life, you will continue to repeat the same “best practices” you feel you have created. Ask yourself, if your RevPAR decreased by 30%, and your occupancy decreased by 20%, how long will you be able to sustain based on your current model?  Most hotels have a break-even point of 30-40% of occupancy. What’s your break-even point?  How long will you sustain yourself if you’re just breaking even?

If you have multiple properties, find out which property is most profitable for you. If you were to sell that property today and create an emergency fund, how much equity would that generate for you? In most cases, $1Mil plus liquidity on the side is enough to generate $50-60,000 in income without touching the principle, which would enable most hoteliers to live on a shoestring budget during a recession. In addition, $1-2 Mil in liquidity helps banks feel more comfortable with a family’s debt service capacity.

Free Consultation with Dalal Capital

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