053 | Ingaging Leadership (with an I for Involved) with Evan Hackel

Evan Hackel, creator of the concept of Ingaging Leadership and author of Ingaging Leadership, is a successful businessman who has started more than 10 companies. During his tenure at CCA Global Partners, he ran a $5 billion division. One of his signature achievements was turning around a bankrupt business in four years, more than doubling system-wide sales to exceed $2 billion.

As CEO of Tortal Training, a Charlotte North Carolina- based firm that specializes in developing and implementing interactive training solutions for companies in all sectors, Evan is a leader in the training field. He is also Founder and Principal of Ingage Consulting, a consulting firm headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts. He is recognized as a thought leader, speaker and author on leadership.

Evan HackelIn This Episode, Evan Talks About:

  • His concept of “Ingaged Leadership” (with an I) where you solicit ideas from everyone in the organization, getting them involved, so everyone feels like they’re a part of, and they’re able to contribute to the company.
  • Collaboration, and how planning and strategizing with your people can foster innovation without losing site of who has the final decision.
  • Communication, and Evan describes the three main types of communication: evasive, conclusive, and honesty, and when each is most appropriate.
  • How to improve communication within your organization, including getting information out to the people that need it, and not to the people that don’t, avoiding repetition, and having a plan.
  • Employee motivation, and how to increase loyalty and a commitment to company values.
  • Millennials in the workforce, and Evan shares his Bridging the Generation Gap” eBook FREE with the lodging leaders community
  • His new book, Ingaging Leadership – what it’s about and who it’s for, and you can download a free chapter of that book here.

Evan shares a new approach to leading that builds excellence and organizational success.

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