066 | Building a Consistent and Sustainable Sales Pipeline with Amy Infante

Amy Infante is a sales & marketing consultant to the hospitality industry. Her businesses, Plan B Consultants, Inc. and Sales4Hire™ provide cost effective, “done for you” hotel sales & marketing solutions, as well as consulting services customized to fit your needs.

In This Episode, Amy Reveals …

  • Amy InfanteThe trap that many properties fall into of only focusing on reactive sales, like RFPs, and why that can set you up for serious cash flow challenges.
  • Short term strategies for hotels that need revenue immediately, and several actionable ways to find the low hanging fruit.
  • How to build a consistent and sustainable sales pipeline, what that looks like, and how to take a more proactive approach to revenue generation.
  • The root causes for underperforming sales departments, and what you can do about it.
  • The disconnect that can happen between the owners and the sales team, and how that can derail proactive efforts.

Amy’s team prepared a free download exclusively for the Lodging Leaders community. The valuable guide, 7 Tips For Hotel Owners To Evaluate Sales Team Effectiveness, outlines seven key indicators that you have a capable sales team, and includes tips for evaluating each.

To get the most out of this episode, download the guide.

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