089 | How to Attract, Retain and Engage Millennials with Amanda Hammett

Amanda is an entrepreneur, speaker and consultant who helps corporations develop strategies around attracting, retaining and engaging top millennial talent. She has spoken to Millennials over 800 times in the last 5 years. In fact, one group of college students dubbed her the “Millennial Translator” after speaking to them, so clearly she understands, and knows how to connect, with this generation.

In This Episode, We Talk About

  • Amanda HammettWhat a Millennial is, including the date range for when they were born, how old they are now, and some of the many names this generation has been given.
  • Millennial characteristics, an not just the negative stereotypes you often hear, but some of the amazing strengths that they have to offer.
  • Statistics – how many people make up this generation, their incredible buying power, how many are in the workforce now, and the rapid growth we can expect in the future.
  • How companies can attract Millennials, and Amanda shares an amazing example of ways to leverage your current Millennial staff to attract others.
  • How to connect with Millennials, how to engage them, and retain them.

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