147 | Mobile Keyless Entry and Remote Check-In with TJ Person

As CEO and founder, TJ Person made OpenKey the leader in universal mobile key access technology. With more than 17 years of experience in technology, business management and marketing, TJ knows what it takes to make a company successful. He is known for both his strategic leadership and marketing innovation capabilities.

Under his leadership, OpenKey has partnered with the largest global BLE lock companies and successfully raised millions in strategic investments from some of the largest hotel management and ownership companies such as Ashford Hospitality Trust (NYSE MKT: AHT). Read more

146 | Right Riches for You with Laleh Hancock

Laleh Hancock is a transformational facilitator and business coach with more than 25 years of experience building companies and individuals that win. Whether partnering with a Fortune 500 company or a stay home mum, Laleh is dedicated empowering people and organizations of all ages and stages to grow and expand. Laleh is a Certified Facilitator for Right Riches for You, a specialty program of Access Consciousness. She meets people where they are and provides practical tools to empower people to create more joy, ease, and infinite possibilities in their lives. Laleh served on the Governor’s Maryland Caregivers Support Coordinating Council for four years.

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145 | Proactive Strategies for Service and Sales with Hospitality Instructor Keely Law

Keely Law is Sales Manager for the Marriott Shoals Hotel and Spa in Florence, Alabama, and she has been part of the hospitality network for over 15 years. She is passionate about women’s empowerment and karaoke, in that order. Her personality can best be described as 1 part sales professional, 1 part skills developer, 2 parts community volunteer and 3 parts world traveler. (And 0 parts math genius?) Equipped with a degree from the University of Life, Keely creates authentic conversations that shed light on vulnerability, transparency, and truth.

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144 | As You Think, So Shall You Be with Snay Patel

Snay Patel is a 2nd generation hotelier born and raised in Los Angeles, California. His parents purchased a small 15 room Motel soon after immigrating to America, and he grew up living on property until the age of 26. Over the years, Snay learned the family business through hands on experience. Today, his company, Hospitality Solutions Group, Inc., operates economy and midscale hotels in California and Texas.

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143 | Artificial Intelligence for Labor Management with Nigel Beck

Nigel is CEO and Founder of When Labs: artificial intelligence for augmenting management, driving compliance, employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Nigel’s passion for HR and management comes from over two decades of building and managing teams from two to thousands around the globe, and led to his acquisition of Kenexa, a human capital management company, the 6th largest acquisition IBM had ever made. Read more

142 | How to Increase Repeat Bookings and Drive Direct Revenue with Marc and Erica

Marc Heyneker is the co-founder and CEO of Revinate, the leading hospitality SaaS company that helps hoteliers drive more direct revenue and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Since being founded in 2009, Revinate has grown its offerings to include targeted marketing and data management, guest surveys, and online reputation management.

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141 | Upping Your F&B Game with Keith Halfmann

Keith is an award winning hospitality executive specializing in all phases of hotel and restaurant development from concept creation through opening.  Having developed over 10 highly successful bar and restaurant concepts inside hotels, he understands how to retain guests and draw locals back into hotels for amazing experiences. With his broad depth of knowledge he helps owners and developers achieve sustainability in today’s’ competitive landscape.

Keith credits having spent significant hours of endurance training to compete in IronMan and long distance cycling events, saying, “I applied the same mental focus and determination that I have when competing into hotel operations, and found great success”. Read more

140 | Crazy Hotel Stories by Industry Professionals

Today’s show is going to be a little different.

Several weeks ago, I reached out to my email list to ask industry folks to share a crazy hotel story. I’m sure most of us have dozens. Some hilarious, some heartwarming, and some may be downright disturbing.

I got a lot of great responses, and this episode will include 6 of them.

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139 | Engage Your Guests in Real Time Using Artificial Intelligence with Raj Singh

Raj Singh is a Product Design expert from a family of hoteliers, and CEO at Go Moment, a company dedicated to making customer service instant. Go Moment’s Ivy is the world’s leading automated customer service platform for hotels. Read more

138 | The Business Case for Case Goods Refinishing with Robert Wallis

Robert Wallis is Director of Sales and Operations at Case Goods Refinishing. He came from a family of academics, but 25 years ago, after completing a master’s degree, he realized his passion was not in academics, but rather in working with his hands. He believes the predominant industry practice of letting case goods and public area wood furniture steadily deteriorate to prematurely end up in a landfill neither makes sense environmentally nor as a hospitality best practice. To keep case goods looking great all the time, and to extend their lifespan, is both attainable and fiscally responsible. It was this conviction that led Robert to develop, over five years, the green processes and business model that makes this possible.

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