Jeffrey M. Goldstein

069| What You Need to Know About Franchise Agreements with Jeffrey Goldstein

Jeffrey Goldstein has been working as a franchise attorney in the franchise and distribution niche for over three decades. Jeff and the Goldstein Law Firm, by choice, do not represent franchisors or suppliers; they only represent franchisees and dealers because they believe representing franchisors, especially in the litigation context, is directly harmful to your status and position as a franchisee or dealer.
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021 | Mediation, Fact-based Decision Making, and Doing the Right Thing with Ramesh Gokal

Ramesh Gokal is a 39-year veteran of the hospitality industry, with a recognized reputation in the areas of entrepreneurship, franchise leadership and mediation expertise. His diverse industry experience includes being an entrepreneur, owning developing and managing a diverse hotel portfolio, working as a brand president for the world’s largest hotel franchise company, Cendant, and selling commercial real estate as a licensed real estate broker in the southeast. Read more